Santa is Coming to Pegasus Alki December 17th!

Alki Santa at Pegasus Pizza 2014. Pictures with Santa FREE with ANY purchaseSanta is landing at Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach on December 17th from 6pm-9pm! Come down to Pegasus Pizza and Pasta and enjoy a great food and sit with Santa on the beach..

Pictures are FREE with a ANY purchase Pegasus Pizza. Pictures will be made available on the Pegasus Pizza Facebook page 48 hours after the event.  Let’s make pictures on the beach with Santa a tradition for years to come! Large groups make sure to call in your reservations ASAP! Give us a call at (206) 932-4849.




Lunch Special on Alki at Pegasus Pizza

Lunch speical in West Seattle: Pegasus Pizza on Alki beach


Two substantial slices of two topping pizza and a house salad with your choice of dressing, only $9.95. For only $2 more, you can upgrade your toppings to include our Tom’s, Alki or any other of our house special toppings.  An affordable, high quality lunch: Pegasus Pizza. At Pegasus no matter what you have, the view will be awesome. Located on Alki beach you are able to see everything happening on the beach. Lunch time should be about relaxing with friend and catching up on personal happenings or office politics.. either way, with Pegasus Pizza’s location and the hustle and bustle of Alki beach, there will be plenty to talk about over lunch.

After lunch, how about a short walk down the beach to get pumped up to head back to the office.. or better yet decide NOT to make it back to the office. :)


Unforgettable and Romantic Lunch Date Location: Pegasus Pizza

Looking to bring someone somewhere special for lunch? Whether you have a special someone at work that you want to impress or if you are just looking to impress your sweetie at lunchtime, Pegasus on Alki beach is a great spot. Having a great place to talk about limits your need for "small talk" ideas.

Romantic view of Alki Beach from Pegasus Pizza. Great place for lunch dates.One of the advantages West Seattle's Pegasus Pizza on Alki has over other places when looking for a romantic place to eat is that the weather can be bad and the view and ambiance is always great. Hard finding something to talk about at lunch? Bring your special someone to Alki's best restaurant and just look outside. ferries, Puget Sound, beach, bald eagles, scuba divers, runners, bikers, wind surfers, Seattle skyline, mountains, Pegasus Pizza serves your lunch time conversation starters so you can focus on being with the one you have your eye on.

Where to bring Mom for Mother's Day? Pegasus Pizza and here is why:

Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach: Perfect Place for Mother's Day 2012There are many  places you COULD bring mom this year to celebrate Mother's day, but this year, do something special. Bringing Mom down to Alki Beach would be good for starters... but before the family walk on the beach, come in to Pegasus Pizza and get an awesome lunch or dinner for the whole family! This Mother's Day could be her best yet.

After all, mom's love their families and they REALLY love telling their girlfriends about how they were doted over on her special day. Great family dinner, then a walk on the beach... what a great memory.

Make reservations NOW.. Mothers Day is already booking up! 206-932-4849






Pegasus Pizza and the Seafair Pirates Toy Drive

Pegasus Pizza and the Seafair Pirates have a toy driveTimes are tough for many families this year. Can you imagine what that is like for the thousands of local kids who will not receive anything this holiday season? How hard it must be for them to be in school, hearing how other, more fortunate kids receive presents, toys and other things. Many of Pegasus Pizza customers (we have the best customers ever!) have asked how they can help this season and Pegasus asked around and found a great way to help out. We are partnering with the Seafair Pirates in their "Holiday Treasure Chest" Toy Drive!

Here is the scoop: Bring an unwrapped toy to Pegaus Pizza from now until December 22nd and you will receive 10% off your ticket.


*= One discount per table



Pegasus Shredded Pepperoni: The key to great pizza

Pegasus Pizza Shedded Pepperoni

People love our pizza. Sure we use authentic Greek recipes, but people flip over our food because we use quality ingredients in everything we create at Pegasus Pizza. Delicious pizza is our passion and we look to great local vendors to provide us with local flavors for our authentic recipes.

One of our key partners is Oh Boy! Oberto. Pegasus has been using delicious pepperoni directly from Oh Boy! Oberto for years. We get our pepperoni delivered right to our door where we do all of the pepperoni shredding ourselves.

There is nothing special about the way we shred our pepperoni, the key is starting with QUALITY pepperoni from a local source.


West Seattle Lunch and Dinner Pizza and Pasta on Alki Beach

Where do people go when they are looking for a great lunch or dinner on Alki? West Seattle's Favorite Pizza and Pasta, Pegasus Pizza! Pegasus has been a West Seattle tradition for over 20 years. Over the years we built up a great reputation of quality food, quality service and the best views on Alki. Our outdoor seating in the summer are some of the most sot after spots to sit down, have pint and soak in the surroundings and people. Every morning we prepare our fresh ingredients.