Interesting Pizza Facts from Pegasus Pizza on Alki

Today, many of us take pizza for granted. It is the go-to lunch and dinner option. It seems like when one one can agree on what to have for dinner, pizza is always an option. That is why for this blog post I thought I would give some incredible pizza facts. I found these facts over on Static Brain. 

Fun Pizza Facts from Alki's best lunch and dinner restaurant: Pegasus Pizza on Alki

Worldwide, there are 252 million pounds of pepperoni consumed each year from Pizza. Kind of makes sense, we get our pepperoni from Oh Boy! OBerto, a local meat vendor that makes the BEST pepperoni. When shredded, it is one of my favorite toppings on the Tom's Special.

There are 350 slices of pizza eaten every second!

The number of pizza's sold worldwide each year is over 5 BILLION... 3 BILLION are sold in the US. We love us some pizza!

93% of Americans have eat at least 1 piece of pizza each month!

In New York, there are over 9,000 pizzerias! The US has over 70,000 pizzerias total and 65% of those are independent pizzerias.

The average person eats 46 slices of pizza a year.