Fresh Bread Makes All the Difference

This morning when I came into Pegasus Pizza on Alki, there was the strong scent of fresh bread. I had forgot that this morning Borracchini's Bakery had delivered our bread. It also made me stop and think about how much time and effort goes into giving Pegasus Pizza customers the best food experience possible. Sure there could be some shortcuts made here and there, shortcuts that frankly could save Pegasus money... but at what expense?

Pegasus Pizza and Pasta in West Seattle on Alki uses only the best bread from Borracchini's Bakery.Since the beginning, West Seattle's Pegasus Pizza and Pasta on Alki has always gone the extra mile to provide our customers with the absolute best that Seattle has to offer. Whether it be with our quality food ingredients, the local beer and wine selection or even the local folks we hire. The selection process for each of these areas could be cut down and streamlined quite a bit, but it is this attention to quality and service that Pegasus Pizza owes it customers and IMHO is one of the reasons why we have people coming back again and again to experience the best of what Seattle has to offer.

Borracchini's is a great example. Borracchini's is a Seattle historic Italian bakery founded in 1922. They offer a great quality product, produced here locally in Seattle Washington. Of course we could get our bread for less money somewhere else, but Borracchini's attention to detail that deliverers a quality product is something that Pegasus Pizza believes in and is something worth paying for. 

So the next time you bite into one of Pegasus Pizza's meatball subs or some of our delicious feta bread remember that the reason it tastes so good.... is because it IS that good.

Fresh bread makes all the difference.