Pegasus Pizza and the Seafair Pirates Toy Drive

Pegasus Pizza and the Seafair Pirates have a toy driveTimes are tough for many families this year. Can you imagine what that is like for the thousands of local kids who will not receive anything this holiday season? How hard it must be for them to be in school, hearing how other, more fortunate kids receive presents, toys and other things. Many of Pegasus Pizza customers (we have the best customers ever!) have asked how they can help this season and Pegasus asked around and found a great way to help out. We are partnering with the Seafair Pirates in their "Holiday Treasure Chest" Toy Drive!

Here is the scoop: Bring an unwrapped toy to Pegaus Pizza from now until December 22nd and you will receive 10% off your ticket.


*= One discount per table



Lunch on Alki: Where to go? Pegasus Pizza, and here's why:

In the Alki Beach Neighborhood of West Seattle, there are many places to eat lunch and hang out. Some reasons why peole come to Alki in the first place is to enjoy the beach, the sound and the varios people runnig, walking, skating and riding their bike's on the beach. But what happens when you are done with your activities and you are looking for a great place to sit down and grab a bite for lunch? Whichever restunant on Alki you choose, you want to make sure that it has a great view. After all, the "view" is the reason you are down on the beach in the first place, right?

Pegasus Shredded Pepperoni: The key to great pizza

Pegasus Pizza Shedded Pepperoni

People love our pizza. Sure we use authentic Greek recipes, but people flip over our food because we use quality ingredients in everything we create at Pegasus Pizza. Delicious pizza is our passion and we look to great local vendors to provide us with local flavors for our authentic recipes.

One of our key partners is Oh Boy! Oberto. Pegasus has been using delicious pepperoni directly from Oh Boy! Oberto for years. We get our pepperoni delivered right to our door where we do all of the pepperoni shredding ourselves.

There is nothing special about the way we shred our pepperoni, the key is starting with QUALITY pepperoni from a local source.


What Makes Pegasus Pizza's Feta Breads so Delicious?

Pegasus Pizza fresh Feta BreadPegasus Pizza has been an Alki favorite for a long time. Sure the location of Pegasus cannot be beat, but more than the location, it is the food that is what keeps people coming back down to the beach. One of our customers favorites is the fresh Feta Bread that we make daily. What makes our feta bread so awesome? We start with the best bread Seattle has to offer: Borracchini's Bakery in downtown Seattle.

Much like building a house, a great feta bread needs to have a fresh and flaky foundation. Pegasus strives to include local sources when creating our different dishes and Borracchini's was a natural choice for us when looking for Seattle's Best Bread. Our feta bread tastes like it was made fresh because it was made fresh, per your order. Our traditional feta bread starts with Borracchini's bread and delicious mozzarella cheese. We then add tangy feta cheese and sunflower seeds. The result is a tasty appetizer that everyone loves.

Pegasus Pizza on Alki uses only fresh Borracchini bread for our delicious Feta bread