A slice of weekend!

Pegasus Pizza Lunch SpecialsThis weekend on Alki Beach was CRAZY!!! Here in Seattle we have a ton of sun worshipers that come out of the woodwork to get there dose of vitamin D. So every time the sun comes out, we get BUSY!!!

There are many reasons why people like coming to Pegasus for lunch and dinner on summer days, tradition, convenience, the AC, but now there is another great reason! PRICE! Our lunch specials are perfect for anyones budget. Less money for lunch means more money for other summertime activities on Alki Beach. What you will not get less of is Pegasus Pizza's dedication to making quality food. Take a look at the food review sites out there, people love Pegasus Pizza.

Eat inside with the refreshing AC or eat outside on our patio dining area a stones throw from the beach. No matter where you sit, not matter what you eat. You will love you some Pegasus Pizza.














Summer on Alki Beach and Pegasus Pizza, AWESOME!

Pegasus Pizza is the best place for lunch and dinner in West SeattleWell everyone, summer is FINALLY here!! It took a while, but we finally were able to get down to the beach and enjoy the sun!

Before or after your Alki Beach activities, swing by Pegasus Pizza. There are a million reasons why, but here are some that we thought of off the top of our head:

1. Pegasus Pizza has Alki's best food: Weather you are eating light or completely wanting to dive into a Tom's Special, Pegasus Pizza has everything from authentic Greek Salads to classic Pepperoni Pizza.

2. Great Location and View: No matter where you sit at Pegasus Pizza, there is always a view. With our terraced seating and extra large windows, you will feel like you are on the beach while enjoying Alki's best food.

3. Getting out of the sun: Event he most experienced sun bathers need some time inside. The AC in Pegasus is just right to get you that "break from the sun".

4. Cold beverages: From a large selection of cold beer to our extensive wine list, every beverage you expect to be cold, will be.

5. Great for dates: Are you looking for some 1 on 1 time with your favorite person? Our intimate tables will ensure you will get the face-time during your lunch or dinner date.

6.  Great deals, Great happy hour: Just check out our Facebook page ( to find our specials and deals. Our website also has most of the listed.

See?!?!!? We told you Pegasus Pizza is the perfect place to grab a bite on the Beach!! See you soon and don't forget your sunscreen!!



Lunch Special on Alki at Pegasus Pizza

Lunch speical in West Seattle: Pegasus Pizza on Alki beach


Two substantial slices of two topping pizza and a house salad with your choice of dressing, only $9.95. For only $2 more, you can upgrade your toppings to include our Tom’s, Alki or any other of our house special toppings.  An affordable, high quality lunch: Pegasus Pizza. At Pegasus no matter what you have, the view will be awesome. Located on Alki beach you are able to see everything happening on the beach. Lunch time should be about relaxing with friend and catching up on personal happenings or office politics.. either way, with Pegasus Pizza’s location and the hustle and bustle of Alki beach, there will be plenty to talk about over lunch.

After lunch, how about a short walk down the beach to get pumped up to head back to the office.. or better yet decide NOT to make it back to the office. :)


Skip West Seattle Traffic: Pegasus Pizza and a Glass of Wine

Skip West Seattle Traffic and have a glass of wine at Pegasus Pizza and PastaBack in the day, there were not a ton of choices on where to go for dinner. Now, there is a restaurant on every corner in West Seattle. Drive through the Junction and you will see 10-20 places to eat.. so since you have a choice, why not choose a place that you will actually enjoy looking out the window? Our suggestion? Pegasus Pizza on Alki beach. Pegasus is the perfect mix of great food and great scenery. Why not bring the crew down to the bach right after work and enjoy some authentic Greek food and one of the beaches best selections of wine? 

Come down to the beach and let the I-5 traffic thin out a bit before you make the journey home. There is never a shortage of things to see, awesome people to talk too and great food to eat. Why sit in traffic when you can sit on the beach and dig into some fetta bread and pint of your favorite beer?

So to sum up: Skip Traffic, Beautiful scenery, Great Authentic Food, Awesome people and killer beer/wine selection... no brainer, right?





Unforgettable and Romantic Lunch Date Location: Pegasus Pizza

Looking to bring someone somewhere special for lunch? Whether you have a special someone at work that you want to impress or if you are just looking to impress your sweetie at lunchtime, Pegasus on Alki beach is a great spot. Having a great place to talk about limits your need for "small talk" ideas.

Romantic view of Alki Beach from Pegasus Pizza. Great place for lunch dates.One of the advantages West Seattle's Pegasus Pizza on Alki has over other places when looking for a romantic place to eat is that the weather can be bad and the view and ambiance is always great. Hard finding something to talk about at lunch? Bring your special someone to Alki's best restaurant and just look outside. ferries, Puget Sound, beach, bald eagles, scuba divers, runners, bikers, wind surfers, Seattle skyline, mountains, Pegasus Pizza serves your lunch time conversation starters so you can focus on being with the one you have your eye on.

Pegasus Pizza is the First on Alki to have Victoria Beer on Tap!

Pegasus Pizza on Alki serves Victoria BeerToday we are pleased to announce that Pegasus Pizza on Alki is now serving Mexico's oldest beer brand called Victoria. Victoria beer is a smooth Vienna-style lager that has been made the same for over 145 years! There are few places in Seattle that have Victoria beer on tap, Pegasus Pizza is one of these exclusive outlets. Stop by and try out this awesome new addition to our beer and wine selection!






Where to bring Mom for Mother's Day? Pegasus Pizza and here is why:

Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach: Perfect Place for Mother's Day 2012There are many  places you COULD bring mom this year to celebrate Mother's day, but this year, do something special. Bringing Mom down to Alki Beach would be good for starters... but before the family walk on the beach, come in to Pegasus Pizza and get an awesome lunch or dinner for the whole family! This Mother's Day could be her best yet.

After all, mom's love their families and they REALLY love telling their girlfriends about how they were doted over on her special day. Great family dinner, then a walk on the beach... what a great memory.

Make reservations NOW.. Mothers Day is already booking up! 206-932-4849






Dinner on Alki: Pegasus Pizza, the Best Place to Gather

Dinner on Alki Beach: Pegasus Pizza a romantic experianceSeattle has a ton of great places to eat. But there are only a few places where you can get great food as well as a great view. Queen Anne, Magnolia, West Seattle and downtown are all great places for dinner.

We feel the most beautiful place to eat is West Seattle's Alki Beach. Alki beach has the view and the energy that no other place in Seattle provides. 

No matter what you are looking for: A romantic dinner on the beach, a family dinner with a great view, Pegasus Pizza has it all. Affordably priced, Pegasus Pizza is a great place to come with the special people in your life and build a great memory. Our authentic Greek style pizzas and pastas are a favorite here in West Seattle.

Every seat in the house has a great view of Alki beach which is why we are down here to begin with...














Drizzly Day on the Beach and Pegasus Loves It

Rainy or drizzly days on Alki Beach can be a bit of a downer.. Especially since there are so many days like that in given year here in West Seattle. People have come to expect the weather might not be the best, the expect to get cold, the expect to get wet. What they also expect is that Pegasus Pizza and Pasta on Alki will always be here to warm people up with our Greek style pizza and pasta. Just today a couple stopped by looking especially cold and wet. They took off their coats shook off the rain drops and took a table by the window.